Why content (still) is king

A really cool domain name is a great idea in branding and marketing. But don’t think search engines will reward you for it.

As you can read in the swedish survey ”Svenska företag på webben 2017” (”Swedish companies online 2017”) by Loopia (loopia.se (swedish)) there is a few good pointers. Which can be implemented world wide of course.

96% of the people think it is important for a company to have a website. This while almost 15% of companies (in Sweden) don’t have one!

Few swedish companies uses Google for marketing (like Adwords) even though 97% of swedes using Google to find what they are looking for.

Top important content to have (according to swedes):

1. Information on products and prices

Keep it simple, dont over do it, but be detailed enough to get potential customer to call or order.
Be clear on the price, and if you have campaign prices, be sure to include the regular price.

2. Contact information

Make sure it is easy to find company address, e-mail, telephone etc. and don’t forget about those social media buttons!

3. Company information

Present your company’s history, business concept and vision.

People don’t buy WHAT you do – they buy WHY you do it.